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  • C.M. Hadash, DVM

    From the small farm town of Weimar, Texas, Dr. Hadash grew up working on a ranch surrounded by dogs, cattle, and horses. He always had an affinity for his four-legged friends. 'Growing up in a small town, there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Although many people told me I wouldn't make it into vet school, I was determined to achieve my dream of becoming a veterinarian.'

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  • Lauren Binder, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Binder was raised in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. As a child, she was always surrounded by dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and horses. 'I always knew I was born to be a veterinarian and never entertained a different career path.' It was clear to her, and her parents, at the age of twelve when she dressed up her horse as the surgical scrub nurse and herself as the surgeon.

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  • Teresa Wind, DVM
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Wind was born in Dallas and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a young girl, Dr. Wind was always the keeper of the pets and her siblings, caring for them came naturally. 'When choosing what to do with my life, I narrowed it down to being a plumber or veterinarian. Both careers seemed exciting to me, but veterinary medicine won because it combined the best of both worlds, problem-solving and biomedical science.'

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  • Stephanie Ellis, LVT
    Practice Manager

    Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma, Stephanie experienced triumphs and heartbreaks with her dogs, cats, and horses in her younger years. 'Veterinary medicine was very different when I was a kid, advances in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals have made our field so exciting. I've always been a fixer, so what better way to serve my fuzzy friends than to be a part of the fix.'

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  • Andrea, LVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician (Lead Technician)

    Spending the majority of her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, then moving to Waco at the age of fourteen, Andrea always knew she wanted to be a part of veterinary medicine. 'I have always had a keen interest in biological science and medicine. My desire to help those who cannot help themselves is what drove me into veterinary medicine.' During her career, she has grown to discover her passion for client education and resources, as well as teaching fellow technicians things she has learned along the way. These things together help to increase the standards of care we are able to give our animal friends.

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  • Anna, LVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Native to Conroe, Anna has spent her whole life locally. Inspired by Animal Cops Houston, and possessing an unending love for animals, she always knew she wanted to work with animals. 'My desire and want to save them all has led me down this wonderful path in veterinary medicine.'

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  • Jenny
    Veterinary Assistant

    Originally from the rural town of Guy, Texas, Jenny spent a number of summers on her Grandpa's farm working and tending to the cattle. In addition to the cattle, she was also surrounded by her loving dog and cat companions. 'I knew the veterinary field was for me when my dog Bear was injured by a trailer. I was the only human he would allow to touch him, from that day forward I've had a strong desire to help animals.'

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  • Arielle A
    Client Services Representative/Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Born and raised in Houston, Arielle and her family eventually settled on the north side near Conroe. As a little girl and teen, she always had a variety of pets, ranging from dogs, cats, and horses, to snakes and reptiles. 'My deep love for ALL animals, whether soft and fuzzy or scaly and cold, helped me realize I wanted to devote my life to working with animals. I enjoy both domestic animals and the wild ones'

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  • Penny
    Client Services Representative

    After spending the first seventeen years of her life in the cold mid-western states of Minnesota and Iowa, Penny found herself deep in the steamy heart of Texas. Her childhood was filled with tons of animals, dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, lizards, you name it this kid had one. 'In my travels and life experiences, I have learned that sometimes the best way to help people, is to help their animals.'

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  • Ballie, LVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    'When I was in elementary school, I got into horseback riding and decided I wanted to be a large animal veterinarian.  I then decided after high school and taking pre-requisite classes that I wanted to go to tech school.'  Ballie graduated from Lone Star Tomball in 2018 with an AAS in veterinary technology.  In her free time, Ballie enjoys playing video games, crafting, going to concerts, and traveling. Ballie is the proud owner of a beautiful Siberian Husky named Turbo.

  • Afton
    Client Services Representative

    Afton joined the Triangle team in July 2019.  She has a terrier/poodle mix named Lulu.  In her free time, Afton enjoys working out, running, and hiking.

  • Alexa
    Veterinary Assistant

    Currently attending Sam Houston State University majoring in biology (pre-vet), Alexa also holds an associates degree of science from Lone Star.  'Ever since I was little, I always had a love for animals and knew that I wanted to pursue vet med as a career.  I hope to become a veterinarian someday because I can't imagine myself doing anything else.'  Outside of the clinic and pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian, Alexa is currently on a competition dance team and she enjoys modeling.

  • Kimbra J
    Client Services/Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Client Services/Veterinary Technician Assistant
    Growing up in the geographical area between Conroe and Livingston, Kimbra calls Conroe 'her town'. As a youngster, she was surrounded by many dogs, cats, and horses and has always had an affinity for all animals. 'I love helping animals. I feel they need a voice to help them tell their owners what is going on. Being a veterinary technician gives me the chance to be their voice and I enjoy every minute of it'.

  • Allison H
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    As a member of a military family, Allison has early roots stemming all over the country.  She now considers The Woodlands to be her her hometown, and plans on staying for a very long time.  She knew she wanted to make a difference in the world and help all her furry friends.  Alli is just like Snow White, the animals have a tendency to naturally gather around her.   

    Allison joined the Triangle team in June of 2020, after spending a number of years at another excellent veterinary clinic in the Woodlands.  She received her Associates in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Lone Star College, Tomball in 2010.  

    Allison is a proud wife and mother of 2 wonderful children, and dog MOM to Chuck and Cami!  When Allison's not working hard at Triangle, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.  

  • Mariah T
    Certified Veterinary Assistant

    Being born and raised in nature, surrounded by animals in the grand state of Colorado, Mariah knew at an early age she wanted to dedicate her life to working with animals.  As a youngster, she spent many long, hot summers volunteering to learn all about and care for her homeless friends at the local humane society.  Her passion for helping animals has led her towards a career in the veterinary industry.  

    Mariah has been a member of the team at Triangle Animal Clinic since May of 2020.  In October of 2020, she earned her CVA I (Certified Veterinary Assistant), and is currently enrolled in a Veterinary Technology Program.  

    Mariah's background consists of working in a child daycare facility, Assistant Manager at Subway, and kennel attendant at a dog boarding facility in Wyoming.  

    In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and the best Ninja dog ever!  When she's not working, Mariah enjoys crafting, drawing, fishing, horseback riding, and playing with her son.

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  • "I brought Pumpkin to see Dr. Hadash. He was very professional and thorough. He took the necessary tests and prescribed the necessary meds. Dr. Hadash is excellent."
    Wanda A.
  • "I brought Pumpkin to see Dr. Hadash. He was very professional and thorough. He took the necessary tests and prescribed the necessary meds. Dr. Hadash is excellent."
    Michael W.
  • "They were great at explaining everything and treated me and my dog very well. They spoiled my dog with a few treats which she loved."
    Jeremy P.

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